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Lao Tseu

To complete my website which is in French, I've decided to create a blog in English.

In fact, it will rather be a Gallery, as I am a better stitcher than writer ...
All my artwork from 1999 to 2007 can be found in the Archives : November 2007

I'll add regularly some views and close-up of my new pieces.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

BJP2008 - Ready to go

I've got the idea for the final piece using the twelve squares, found and/or dyed the fabrics and threads, collected the beads and bought some more (I always need more colors, sizes, you know what I mean... LOL) and prepared the 12 backgrounds (boring task).

The background is a simple off white square 4" x 4", stitched on a turquoise 6" x 6" fabric (3 different tones of hand dyed turquoise)
The little square, which is my BJP page, will be embellished with various stitches and beads.

NOW begins the pleasure !


Robin said...

Yummmmmy materials and colors! Now I hope you'll show your finished background before you begin to bead it!

Robin A.

pam T said...

ooooo I can't wait to see what you create this year - I love your work and am never disappointed with what you come up with next!

pam T

Rose Anne B said...

WOW I LOVE the colour combination and can't wait to see your monthly blocks AND the finished idea!

Had a glance through and like a lot of your work - AWESOME!!!

Lillian said...

Hi Caroll,

Absolutely stunning the way you make all the blues in your piece shimmer with elegance-beautiful!

Thanks for sharing,

Lillian in WA, USA :o)