The poet knows how to play on a harp without string and after he knows how to answer to those who claim they didn't heard the music.

Lao Tseu

To complete my website which is in French, I've decided to create a blog in English.

In fact, it will rather be a Gallery, as I am a better stitcher than writer ...
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I'll add regularly some views and close-up of my new pieces.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love beading

Even if I'm a stitcher, I love beading !
Beads fascinate me.
You can find beads in almost all my pieces, they add light, glitter and colour.

I discovered heavy beading, years ago, with a book written by Robin Atkins and you'll not be surprised if I tell you that, after the 2007 BJP, I've joined the 2008 one !

To learn more about this great project/journey/adventure, follow this LINK
and come play with us :-)

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Hélène H said...

Hi Caroll, i have tagged you on my blog to tell more about yourself. Hope you will agree to this little game.